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Default Re: Best boxer vs best MMA

Originally Posted by Big N Bad View Post
i think if boxers train in bjj on the side, the mma fighter will have no advantage
Of course. That is like saying of MMA fighters train more in boxing they have a better chance with pro boxers.

Again, training only gets you so far. There are so many factors beyond training like natural physical talent and experience.

Pivoting while can be a decent defense, it is not the answer to all take downs nor it solves feints and fakes. What happens if you are pin against the cage and you can pivot? A simple judo flip, or one leg take down or mid section knee or knee to the thigh is not an easy thing to defend, especially for boxers with 6 months of training.

The difficulty of MMA is not that you have to reach such a high level of defensive skills in 1 or 2 art forms, but that that you have learn ALL major martial arts at a world class level. You have to learn to recognize the difference between check kick to the thigh from a Superman Punch, an elbow to the face from a knee to the stomach.

Even the top BJJ fighters in the world have found it is not easy to submit a journeyman MMA fighter. Even the best Muy Thai and Kick boxers have realized you just can't knockout everyone in front of you.

It is much easier to take down a person than to KD you with a punch.
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