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Default Re: Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
I can respect that post, and agree with most. The UFC just hype there fighters way to much. They hyped Mir vs Cro Cop recently for gods sake, and it gets on your nerves. Cro Cop is beyond shot, and Mir was beaten by lesnar, and Carwin.
Styles do make fights though, and if matched up properly I do believe UFC vs SF HW they could win some fights of course. Even lesnar could beat a couple guys if he didn't get punched out first. Nog, Cro Cop, etc should not be around anymore though, and nobody need mention them.
The Grand Prix though for SF...Even if some of them aren't perfect, they are good/ decent in there own way. I'm not so sure you could take 8 UFC HWs for a tournament though and say the same thing. UFC either has shot fighters that they keep making $ off, or just straight new breed. Nobody really proven, and established that continues to consistently fight well.
If Nog and Cro Cop are shot then what the **** is Arlovski? And perhaps if Cro Cop and Nog had stayed out of the UFC they would today have the same inflated reputation as Barnett (after all both were superior to him in all three's peak years). And if we take it from the start of the tournament then Silva and Sergei were totally unproven at the highest level - Silva biggest fights had seen him lose to Werdum and struggle against Arloveski while the last time Sergei fought an actual heavyweight was a 2009 defeat to Jeff Monson. Overeem and Werdum are unproven - Overeem has all the tools to be a beast in MMA but he hasn't faced a ranked heavyweight yet while Werdum's game is overly one-dimensional. And FFS Rogers is coming off two defeats, one of which saw him come in overweight and unmotivated.

I just flat out don't see how anybody can claim that somehow the UFC division is inferior to the eight fighters in the grand prix tournament. I can see the argument that perhaps they're of equal worth although I personally don't buy it. That said the gap is far smaller than it is between the organisation's rosters in any other weight class.
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