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Default Re: Best boxer vs best MMA

Originally Posted by KO KIDD View Post
Ive trained both two well more wrestling than boxing by a landslide and the best wrestler will take you down without even getting close

The toney fight was a bad example in the way Toney showed up fat but Coutoure took a low ankle shot from out of range and the boxer AKA Toney had nothing

I mean you can learn a sprawl but if the guy takes a great shot at the ankle a sprawl does nothing

boxers need to learn to scramble and learn how to use their hips

good wrestling requires a muscle memory that takes years to develop

most of these MMA guys are div 1 all americans meaning in scholastic they are the best america has to offer

that means they dont have to get into punching range and once on the ground its over

unless the MMA guy had some foolish pride to stand and trade to prove a point they can simply come in on the ankle
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