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Default Re: Best boxer vs best MMA

Originally Posted by crimson View Post
Defending a shoot takedown is only part of the defense. What are you going to do once you are in a stand up clinch and all those things you never faced before or thought illegal (like elbow to the face) during a clinch is being used against you?

Also you guys forget how are top boxers will deal with THEIR OWN muscle memory?

You think fighting a southpaw once every 3 years is hard? Try fighting in a totally different style and rules.

What are you going to do when you muscle memory tells you to punch the body while in a clinch while the MMA fighter knees your stomach and thighs?
You bring up some good points, but I did say if a boxer is able to stuff a takedown. I remember seeing takedown attempts stuffed and not ending up in a clinch. I've seen one guy on the ground grabbing nothing but air while his opponent just takes a few steps back and waits for him to stand back up.
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