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Default Re: Best boxer vs best MMA

Originally Posted by aramini View Post
Yeah Chuck's weird success leads me to believe as well that a decent enough understanding of how to avoid being taken down will put the boxer in the fight. The guy who fought Gonzaga on the undercard of Lesnar-Velazquez, Schwabb, dominated Gonzaga with his "golden gloves" amatuer boxing style, and he looked like Muhammad Ali against the inutile stand up game of Gonzaga, when he is on the level of amatuers I have fought. The difference is he knows how not to get taken down and how to survive if he is, but that was a pure boxing performance from him.

And come on, I consider myself mostly likely to use dirty boxing in a real street fight: stomp the knee, knee the groin, elbow the chin. It doesn't take a genius striker to use these tricks, boxers are not re****ed. Mayweather might be as good with his elbow as a Muy Thai guy. Except its illegal in his sport heh heh.
Gonzaga didn't try and engage in grappling with Schaub for some odd reason. As soon as he did he almost tapped him in about 3 seconds.
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