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Default Re: green v tarver is on

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
very true, im just very sceptical of Danny & his team in doing anything and everything in their power to gain an advantage over an opponent. Ill give Danny props for getting a big name out here but it also would have been nice to see him fighting someone active and not at the end of their career, i guess thats my sceptizism again but you really cant blame anyone for that other than Danny "waving DVD in the Air" Green.

I nver really liked Green to begin with being a Mundine fan but when he waved that DVD around like we were all re****s and he had the cure i lost what little respect i did have for the guy and reading his book just makes me dislike him even more because of how much of a hypocrite liar he is.

If this fight doesnt go through my prediction is Cameron will be the replacment and was planned to be all along.
Green too is at the end of his career and it will be about
7 months since the Flores fight when they not
Greens biggest fan but this is a good fight IMO.
if there is no dannyweight/incentive bonus shennanigans
which there shouldnt be because Tarver wouldnt be short of a quid.
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