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The Boxer’s Guide to Performance Enhancement

1.Speed Drill - Throw your punches as fast as possible. A minimum of 4 punches per combination. Develops speed and anaerobic endurance.

2.Outside Drill - Throw your jab and straight power punch combination. Circle and jab. Throw your combination and move. Circle in both directions. Develops footwork and staying power.

3.Inside Drill - Get in close with hooks and uppercuts. Slip, bob and weave. Develops inside power and stamina.

4.Change Directions - If you usually circle left, circle right. Throw jabs while mixing in combinations as you move. Develops coordination, endurance and change-up ability.

5.Jab - Do an entire round with only the jab. Snap out single, double and triple jabs. Mix in feints. Move in both directions. Develops quickness, stamina and coordination.
Hope I get my homegym squared asap .Want to do a lot of bagwork . Carpet this weekend .
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