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Default Re: Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
MMA has had many names. But they were never named after a promotion. I have no issues with the name Mixed Martial Arts afterall its what the sport is. I do have a problem with Zombies calling it "Ultimate Fighting".

Oh for the record stop trying to fool everyone and giving undeserved credit to UFC.

The name mixed martial arts was coined by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade, in 1995.

A college background is laughable at best, thats not experience at all. Brock was either given an express ride to the belt because of his popularity or the UFC had garbage fighters. Brock lost against Mir in his UFC debut, won against a semi retired old way past his prime Herring, and won the belt from Old man Randy who was injured and had been out of the fight game for like a year. Again this is laughable. Other more deserving fighters were overlooked because they werent as popular and didnt bring in the $$$$$. Its simply pathetic really to have someone crowned a champion when that someone can hardly do submissions, doesnt really have a standup game, and for gods sake runs away from punches.

And I find it laughable that somebody can praise boxing given the nonsense that the sanctioning bodies generate. I mean just yesterday it was decided that Maidana would fight Morales for the 140Ibs WBA Interim Title - ignoring the facts that 1) the actual champ Khan is healthy and defending his belt 2) Maidana has only just dropped a previous interim title in an unification match with Khan 3) Morales has done nothing at the weight. I'm glad that at least with the UFC we have world titles that somewhat mean something in MMA.

The term MMA is used often throughout UFC broadcasts, so how are they pushing the term ultimate fighting?? The fact that people refer to MMA sometimes as just UFC is generally a sign of a casual fan or someone new to the sport, I don't understand the need to label them "zombies". I think it's quite understandable that the casual and new fans only follow UFC, most of the champions are generally regarded as the best in the world, though the product is usually PPV it's very accessable, and it's easy to follow. Unlike boxing where we have so many weight divisions, sanctioning bodies and so many differant world champions I'm not sure how anyone can be bothered to keep up too date with it. I like boxing alot, but realistically a world title doesn't mean **** in the sport anymore, not in the fans eyes anyway.
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