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Default Re: Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
This is pretty much what killed boxing for me. I still pay casual attention to it, I'm far from a dedicated follower. There are dozens of sanctioning bodies handing out championships across something like 17 divisions, often with only a few pounds of difference in between. It's ridiculous.
Exactly how many promotions are there handing out their own championship belts? A bit rich to criticize boxing dont you think, especially when the UFC belt gets handed around like STD in high school.

The term MMA is used often throughout UFC broadcasts, so how are they pushing the term ultimate fighting?? The fact that people refer to MMA sometimes as just UFC is generally a sign of a casual fan or someone new to the sport, I don't understand the need to label them "zombies". I think it's quite understandable that the casual and new fans only follow UFC, most of the champions are generally regarded as the best in the world, though the product is usually PPV it's very accessable, and it's easy to follow.
So why arent they called zombies? some brain dead moron walking around sprouting "I like the sport of Ultimate Fighter" instead of MMA deserves that zombie tag. Its like asking someone, what sport do you like and them replying "I like the sport of Baltimore Ravens".
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