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Default Re: Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Educate yourself and see how many times the UFC HW belt has been passed around, the other belts havent been relevant coz the matchups and the UFC division is filled by high ranked but garbage fighters (these fighters are only highly ranked because they work for Zuffa)

Who said boxing is dying? Maybe in America but in other parts of the world its growing. Boxing is not a dying sport, those who tell you only concentrate on the American boxing landscape.
I'm not going to dignify the first point with an answer.

But please tell me where boxing is growing MC. I beg you. Germany perhaps although the success of K2 as independent superstars does raise worrying issues about the extent to which the proceeds of their success is not being reinvested back into the development of the sport. In Britain boxing is bad shape - barely any newspaper coverage, ITV completely withdrawn from the sport, Sky's budget massively cut and events plagued by late withdrawls and squabbles between promoters. In Japan while boxing is in better shape than MMA or Puro its being hit by the same generational move away from combat sports - the ratings the Kameda brothers draw have plummeted.

And you can talk about the sport's popularity in Asia and Mexico all you want but the truth is the fighters who are good enough to makes lots of money come and fight in America. If the Phillipines are this hotbed of boxing to the extent we can ignore the plight of the sport in the West, why is Manny Pacquiao not fighting in his homeland? If Eastern Europe and Russia is filled with all these wonderful heavyweights why do the Klitschkos et al all fight in Germany? If the sport is healthy in the UK why is Haye willing to fight in Germany and Froch and Khan fighting their real fights in America? That's right because the money is in America and Germany!
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