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Default Re: What's worse: nostalgia or anti-old timer bias?

I can't stand the no one beats Ali **** from the 90s+ era.

I almost feel you have to base it off eras in terms of greatness, advances in nutrition and humans have evolved into bigger stronger beings. The AVG HW is 220, the avg HW back in Marcianos day were 185-195. I just dont see Rocky beating Vitali. Ever. And I juust dont see Ali boxing circles around him either.

But then again I do bash the old timers a bit but I get sick of the no one will ever be as great as the SRR, SRL, Ali.

I almost feel like this, why box and fight for legacy when no one in the world will ever say you are the best P4P all time, its an unreachable mark if you think about it.
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