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Default Re: Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"

UFC is like WWF, in more ways than can be counted almost it seems. White ~ McMahon, buying smaller organizations (not a bad thing btw), monopolizing the sport (in certain areas). This last point is relevant for this thread I believe.
Back in the 80's, the WWF was the go to professional wrestling organization, however, most knowledgeable fans were aware of the rival organizations, the NWA and the AWA. In every wrestling publication, the champions were always rated higher from the NWA and Verne Gagne's AWA than Vince's WWF. Ric Flair = Rick Martel > Hulk Hogan; Road Warriors = Von Ereich's > British Bulldogs or Dream Team Valentine and Beefcake, etc. However, the WWF was marketed way better than the other 2 organizations thus more people were aware of the WWF Superstars and they were way more famous. As a kid, I only read about Flair, and saw Martel occasionally being Canadian and all. But the wrestlers were far superior to the WWF wrestlers in athleticism and performance. It simply looked 'realler', more genuine, but the WWF guys were larger than life.
I believe this is the point the OP was making. However, being in North America, I believe this has a huge impact on my opinion. UFC is, I believe, a North American targetted organization. I very easily could be wrong as I honestly don't knowe much about MMA other than UFC (which is the same as when I was watching pro rassling in the 80's). Does this make sense to anyone lol?
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