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Default Re: Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Unification matches are a symptom of a problem not a solution. Boxing is ****ed because it has too many belts - in the Golden Age of the sport unifications were rare because disputes about the lineage of the belt were rare. The UFC system of having one dominant promotion with titles that are recognised by most as world titles is MUCH better and will become more so when the UFC/Strikeforce belts are unified.

And again White doesn't protect his marketable fighters, he strives to sign the best talent out there to put in the cage against them. Name one top performing fighter that White hasn't tried to sign at some point. See how many fighters you can name that are better than the UFC champion in that division - I bet all but the most deluded UFC hater would struggle to honetsly say that in more than a handful of examples the UFC champion isn't the best.
lol, I can't name any. that's why im asking opinions. I'm not that educated on the 'new' mma (i used to watch way back when howard was a force, and taktarov, ruas, polar bear, etc., before weight classes and time limits and rounds, and RULES lol). But you're saying they are preparing for a unification fight between UFC and Strikeforce? That's good then. MMA seems to suffer right now from you said was killing boxing, too many champions. The best thing for either sport is to have ONE champion across the board for each weight class, like they try and do in boxing when KING isnt involved (could we go as far to say White is like the genetically mutated step child of McMahon and King?). Klit / Haye is GOOD for the sport of boxing and heavyweight boxing in particular. Maybe Cain could fight the Strikeforce champion (not sure who that is cuz I only hear about UFC unless i dig through these columns, kinda like the WWF and Hulk Hogan...Flair? who the hell is that? Some midwest cherry farmer?) If they fought, we would have ONE recognizeable champ.
However, you don't see other sports traditionally doing the unification thing, probably because there are general consensus's as to which organization is the best, except maybe the big club championship for soccer in Europe.
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