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Default Re: Zuffa Interjects in Fedor Emelianenko Negotiations with Strikeforce

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
This ****ing and moaning about the evil Zuffa Empire and Dana the vengeful anti-christ is really kinda pathetic.

UFC puts on a boring fight, it must be because Dana is an ****hole.
The new season of TUF is pretty mediocre, it's because Dana is an ****hole.
Fedor is undergoing yet another contract dispute (which, as Will has pointed out multiple times, is unsubstantiated bull****), it must be because Dana is an ****hole.
UFC fighters suck, anyone who fights in Japan or some bush league bull**** is immediately better, UFC fighters are overhyped and ****. Because Dana is an ****hole.
It's really quite sad.

Do you guys actually like the sport, or do you just like to ***** about how horrible Zuffa/UFC/Dana is?

I watch MMA for the fights. I don't especially where they're taking place or under what banner.

***** all you want and act like whiney little children, but at the very least realise that MMA would be nothing today without the UFC, and especially not without Zuffa and Dana White.
get ready to have all these babies crying at you now. you aren't allowed to like Zuffa on here.
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