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Default Re: Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Theres a difference between fighters not being good enough or fighters who loose because they are way past their prime. CroCop, Nog and even Fedor are some of the fighters past their prime.

Anderson Silva wasnt past his prime then nor was he inexperiened, he was just beaten by fighters more technical than him and more willing to go for submissions instead of Zuffa's normal play it safe lay and pray.
We are not talking about primes we are talin about a list of fighters Fedors beaten who are not UFC bums. Quite simple really. And Fedor must be amazing to sub these fighters, really more impressive than Anderson Silva knocking out bums in the UFC. And GSP, well his record is full of worthless fighters and he cant even finish most of them right? And you still havent named the fighters both AS and GSP are ducking, why is this? I dont by your 1st answer, you just dont want me to see how a real fight goes down thats not between bums
So keep it simple, and just make a list of non UFC fighters Fedors beaten, and post their records by their names please
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