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Default Re: Is it impossible for the fighters of today to ever reach the greatness of SRR or SRL?

It is 100% possible. No matter what, when you rank people, you must NEVER put one person on an unreachable pedastal. You simply cannot. If someone came along and mirrored Robinson's achievements, and then won ten more fights, he would simply have to be better than him. That's how it works.

Since no one will probably ever even fight that many times again at the top level, based on politics and other factors, the criteria need to be adjusted as such. For instance, do people really need to fight someone six times to find out who is best? Yes, it helps, but it isn't realistic in today's boxing picture. I don't believe anyone has surpassed Robinson (Leonard doesn't even need to be in this debate, because he's not number one) yet, but it is a very real possibility, and there is no reason to give it no chance.
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