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Default Re: Business As Usual: Zuffa Judges now at Strikefarce

The major problem with that fight is mma using the 10 point must system that was designed for use with boxing. It does not work for a 3 round fight. I think mma should implement the use of the half point.

I agree with the middle judge's score card, but I was afraid of seeing score cards like the one on the right. I scored the 1st for Mousasi based on the strikes he landed, but I was afraid a takedown happy judge may score it for Jardine. When that point was deducted, I had a feeling Mousasi needed to finish the fight inside the distance to get the win.

2 point rounds are hard to overcome in a 3 round fight. That is why I don't think a 10-7 round should ever be an option. At some point a fighter should be rewarded for not getting finished, or be penalized for not finishing, or however you choose to view that.
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