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Default Re: Business As Usual: Zuffa Judges now at Strikefarce

And this is my point exactly! Instead of commenting on some of the truely most memorable performances so far in 2011 by Gil & Nick, you go into some pathetic anti-zuffa rant. I agree with you Mousasi should have won, but thats just a footnote on an otherwise memorable card. But no mention of this, just Anti Zuffa bull****, and you have the cheek to imply that Zuffa Zombies are not proper MMA fans just UFC schills. When's the last time you've actually posted on a fight that didnt involve some cheap shot against Zuffa/Anderson?

And I bet the Dorito crumbs came flying off your t-shirt when you stood up to boo Dana Whites on camera appearance. Get you Mum to Vacuum them up for you dude, hope she doesnt ground you.
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