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Default Re: 90's Heavyweights

Im 6ft 3 and 19 stone,i work out 4 times a week very heavily with weights,and also run to and back from the gym as a warm up and warm down,i also work,thing im getting at here,is im very well built not a bodybuilder by any means,but im a very large guy,and ive never touched drugs in my life,i hate needles any way,and dont want to take any chances with so many pills about,i eat well,get plenty of rest
What im saying,is i dont believe every 90s HW did roids,remember they are full time athletes,god if i could just train all week and not work that would be great,id be ****ing huge.But i like working,and would get bored just training all the damn time,I just feel far to many people are to keen to lump any one these days as a roid user,when i bet a large percentage just do what they do,and look like they look through hard work.
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