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Default Re: Floyd "Il Never look like Roy Jones"

Originally Posted by Toopretty
Put it like this the same clowns that are dissing Floyd are the same clowns that were dissing ROY in his prime. People that like and respect Roy are one in the same that like mayweather. Period. Only b/c Roy was not the asshole that mayweather is they choose the lesser of the 2 they see evils. I am 90% right on this. I never seen a thread ever on ESB were this many people are calling Roy an ATG...get the hell out of here. The same goofs said that mayweather is another Roy Jones cherry picker. Same breed of clown mutt. I mean, they are very different. Roy of course was more entertaining by far. But he was more entertaining then a lot of the ATG. Only ones that put on that kind of show was Ali, Tyson. I mean you did not care who Roy fought, you just wanted to see how he was going to knock the other guy out. A floyd hater is a roy hater in disguise. Period. Its like ABC. Roy was the best of his time, Floyd is the best of now. Roy had more power and put on more of a show. Floyd just took the science to another level and true boxing fans respect his ring intelligence and skill. It all balances out. Floyd would not fade past his prime b/c he does not rely on one or two things. But he is better off at 140 where he has a better punch.
Then you only read what you choose to read. Have seen umpteen polls about Jones and he is ALWYS considered by a VAST majority of ESB to be an ATG, and by most to be the best fighter of his generation.
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