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Default Re: Is it impossible for the fighters of today to ever reach the greatness of SRR or SRL?

A: There was only one belt for much of it
How do you see this as a help? The one good thing about multiple belts is it makes it EASIER for gus to get status and cash by fighting title fights and unifying the titles.

I think you're way of with this.

B: There weren't Don King like promoters making money the biggest issue
They were far worse than King, and money was the only issue. Fighters got robbed by promoters left right and centre.

No disrespect but you need to educate yourself on this issue before you wade in.

No where near as many crafty trainers/fighters out there
I'm not sure what you mean here.

You have one belt that you have to fight the best to get and booya, you're seen as the best... even when unifying all belts, someone will still say "Oh you didn't face blah" - when Blah goes after another trinket, rather than coming to face you for yours.
There was about as much ducking in the old days as there is now.

If there was just ONE belt per division, you'd have more ATG's.
Wills, Burley and Langford are examples of bona fide ATG's who NEVER held a world belt at any weight.

What's more, people would start to realise that the ****heads people like Sugar Ray Robinson accumulated so many wins against weren't even ****ing close to the Firemen and Policemen fighters Roy was supposedly beating up.
Kid, what the **** are you talking about?
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