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Default Re: Is it impossible for the fighters of today to ever reach the greatness of SRR or SRL?

Originally Posted by nervousxtian
If the champs of today fought those kinds of tune-up paycheck fights in between "real" title fights they'd be crucified.
I don't agree with this at all. As long as they were fighting the best in title fights I think they could fight whoever they want in between - as long as they weren't asking me to fork out 25 for the privalidge!

I think the question that needs to be asked is this. If Sugar Ray Robinson fought today, would he win 173 fights?
He wouldn't fight that many. I'd bet his win/loss ratio would still be about the same in prime, though.

Would he be light years better than Winky, Miranda, Pavlik, Taylor, Calzaghe, Abraham, etc?
Not light years. But I would personally pick him to beat all these guys.

Do you not think that those same guys couldn't hang with Basilio, Fullmer, LaMotta, and Turpin??

There's a lot going on in here as far as variety and styles go, but of the top of my head I think that Winky would be better than these guys and the rest around the same water-mark in terms of quality, though i'd pick LaMotta to beat many of them in terms of style.

You really think Robinson would win against Hagler? You think he could of dominated Leonard, Hearns, Nunn, and Toney? Let alone Roy Jones.
Dominated? No, he wouldn't dominate any of these guys. All great fighters. In a one of fight though, if I was gambling I'd be laying on Robinson in front of all of these gus. I think Hearns would give him the most trouble, personally.
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