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Default the scoring system.

i keep reading that the current way of scoring fights is unpopular with most fans, so how should it be scored?

i was just reading an old article with doc hamilton who thinks that bringing half points into the equation would really help.
as i said, this is old news so i don't know if it was ever tried or not???
would it just be the same old problems but with added half points?
would we still end up with stupid results in fights from time to time?

i know its a completely different sport but would there be any merit in something like they have in olympic boxing? don't they get awarded a point when they land a clean punch?[although from what i've seen they often don't reward the fighters when they ARE hitting cleanly.]

a certain number of points for takedowns, another number for kicks, etc?
is there any scoring system that could eliminate these stupid results where everyone but the judges knows who really won?
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