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Default Re: Thiago Alves and Miguel Torres , on the pre lims @UFC 130 ??!!

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Thiago alves did not look like **** against Fitch !!!

He was outgrappled in that fight , and judging by the fighters body language's at the end of the fight , had it been a 5 round fight i think Fitch would of been caught with something along the way in the stand up exchanges , Alves looked energetic , Fitch seemed happy to hear the final bell .

Alves is a top 3 WW in the world and a P4P entry , this is embarassing for him not be on the PPV card , even though his opponent is B level

As for Torres , this is a man who 15 months ago people thought was the #1 P4P fighter in the world , or ............... one of the top P4P fighters in the world , he is now fighting a more strategic fighting utilising his skills to make sure he gets the W , this is after years of entertaining fights in the lower divisions where Torres has flew caution to the wind for a long long time . And he's fighting Pickett a man who likes a good s**** too !!

His last fight was a technical masterclass , and how Stefan Struve , Santiago or Stann can be shown before him is way beyond me
Jesus christ, is Alves your cousin or something? Top 3 welterweight? We know he's not above Fitch or Shields. He beat Hughes and a short notice Kos, so that's got him up there for sure, but top 3? Come on. And p4p, no way. He's got to do a hell of a lot more than he's done so far to get up there. I keep waiting for them to match him with Johnson or Hardy or some other guys that won't exploit his weakness on the ground; his fight with Lytel was AWESOME.
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