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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
I'm looking for new bag gloves, not too pricey, but with an emphasis on knuckle protection. My current pair has been the Ringside IMF Tech gloves and even with those my knuckles usually get sore after a couple of rounds on the bag. I tried adding some layers of pre-wrap to my knuckles with my normal handwraps but there wasn't a HUGE improvement, so I was wondering what type of bag gloves may help in this department. What are some suggestions?

Thanks guys.
Not trying to be a butt-head, but you are getting sore using of IMF Tech bag gloves... I call BS. Or you are brand spanking new to Boxing. Or your form is horrible (but you didn't say wrists so I will go with the first two).

Ringside's IMF Tech (or the Fighting Sports) line is about the best you can get as far as knuckle protection goes for the "middle of the road" price range. Granted, the quality has slipped a bit so you might be experiencing "cheap foam", but I thought the quality issues were confined to the stitching. Wow man wow. If you are punching through Ringside foam you might need Winnings and to go pro.

How big are you?

How long have you been Boxing?
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