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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
You're right, I decided to make a thread lying about what I own and about my knuckles getting sore....what would I have to gain by doing that?
Some of the same things these guys posting these crazy "backyard Boxing" vids do? I tried to make the statement as "nice" as possible because I realized me calling BS was a bit suspect. I apologize if you took offense.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
I've been a member of this board for 4 years, why would you assume I'm new to boxing because I get sore knuckles? I'm asking opinions on gloves and for some reason you want to turn this into an interrogation and question my experience.
I missed the part where they said you had to actually Box to join the forum.

You do notice that nobody here really gave you a suggestion on gloves didn't you? You know why? IMF Techs are about the most padded and well made glove in the mid range available. Most Boxing bag gloves don't even come in 14oz and IMF Techs are known to actually weigh more. The one suggestion they did give? Winning knock offs.

I "assumed" you might have just not been familiar with the beginning ache that MANY guys new to Boxing ask about. Even then... I asked. When you think about, it makes sense to ask for clarification before giving random advice huh?

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Take note that I never said I just bought the IMF Tech gloves and they were brand new. I have owned them a while, so obviously the foam isn't 100% anymore, but I'm now looking for a new pair and asking advice as to what other bag gloves (if any) may offer better knuckle protection. Very simple.
I took note. I also own a pair. I also know people who own pairs. I also own pairs of more expensive bag gloves. It is also well known throughout Boxing that IMF Tech's hold up through the worst conditions and "funk out" before the "wear out". You said they hurt your knuckles and you needed (better protecting) bag gloves. Period.

So first you don't want to be interrogated (for pertinent information) then you want to bring up a bunch of stuff you didn't say that could only be known by interrogation? Nice.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Thank you for the advice!
Yeah man. Anytime.

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