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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
And that is? I don't see how that has anything to do with my asking for advice on a glove purchase.
You asked me why you would lie. I have no idea. I called BS on the gloves and their padding being the source of your knuckle issues. No more. No less.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Valid point, but not many people are members of a boxing forum for 4 years, only posting in the Training/Nutrition section if they don't box, but this is besides the point.
How would I know that? You think I researched you before I posted? Come on man.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
You didn't ask, you said what you believed based on me not mentioning wrist issues. You even say in this quote that you assumed. Had the rest of your post not been so condescending then I prob would have appreciated the thought and advice on it potentially being new aches, which I can assure you it isn't.
If it seemed condescending? I apologize. I am big enough to do that.

Now you are just trying to make points. Assumptions based on the data provided are a part of life. You make them every day. You pay your bills assuming you will live tomorrow.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Well now you either misread, misinterpretted or are just lying. I didn't say that, I said my knuckles get sore, and I told you what gloves I currently use (which obviously was relevant to the topic). I never said the gloves hurt my knuckles or that any soreness was due to them. I also never said I ''need better protecting bag gloves,'' which would imply my soreness was due to the gloves quality. I simply asked if there were gloves out there with MORE knuckle protection that would help me. You could have simply said something like "IMF Tech are probably the best knuckle protection you'll get in that price range," or anything along those lines. End of story, that simple, and then there wouldn't be this dumb argument going on distracting from my original question. If you notice everything was going smooth with advice, and people were being more than helpful with their suggestions and tips until you popped in with your hard-on for IMF Tech that you seem to think I was attacking.
Your knuckles get sore. What sport are you doing? Boxing. Runners' feet/knees/hips get sore. Muay Thai guys' shins get sore. The assumption is that any soreness MUST be beyond the typical general soreness of the activity. This is what you said:

"My current pair has been the Ringside IMF Tech gloves and even with those my knuckles usually get sore after a couple of rounds on the bag."

Since a Boxer states his knuckles get sore AND in the same breath mentions a specific piece of equipment what do you think the conclusion drawn is? The equipment is not effective protection from the rigors of the sport.

Now YOU are making assumptions. I don't have a hard on for them. I actually recommend against them due to what I believe is a drop in build quality. However I do respect the Ringside foam quality/technology, but things change.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
lol, I didn't bring a bunch of stuff up. And nothing I've said to you has been essential to this thread topic at all, again as shown by the fact that I was getting suggestions from people until your comment.
Yes you did man. If you read you got one glove suggestion, a few more questioning comments like mine, and wrap suggestions. Why? Because people who buy equipment are a bit surprised that the IMF Tech isn't cutting it for you.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
I still don't get what you're skeptical about!? That I don't own those gloves? That my knuckles don't really get sore!? I honestly have no idea what is going on in your head that you doubt what I'm saying.
Because you are not on the outside looking in. Read your original post. You now own the gold standard in knuckle protection for a mid range bag glove. A glove that, unlike most bag gloves, weighs in at a HEAVY (meaning it actually weighs more) 14ozs and so firm yet forgiving that they are readily used as actual sparring gloves without complaint. It isn't good enough? What is? The next option is Winning.

OK. At this point we all have to make assumptions. Either you are doing something "wrong" with your wraps (damaging your knuckles), your punches are off (eliminated because you are experienced), the bags you are using are overly hard (very likely), your punching power is off the charts (joked about), or you just have bad knuckles.

Originally Posted by BladeJrs View Post
Honestly I've seen your posts all over the forum for a long time and usually value your opinion because you always seemed knowledgeable, but how do you not realize how ridiculous this is? You know you weren't leaving the most positive of posts or else you wouldn't have started with "not trying to be a butt-head." Literally all I did was ask if there are better gloves for knuckle protection since mine get sore, and instead of saying no there isn't, or just not responding, you decide to attack me and claim I'm bull****ting, sarcastically saying I should go pro if what I'm saying is true, etc. Do you not see how unnecessary that was to this thread?
Thank you man and again I really apologize if it came across that way. That was not my intention. My true intention was that the symptoms you spoke of and the gloves you were using pointed to an issue other than the actual glove. I had no intention of attacking you other than joking. I only wanted to try and draw out more information because sometimes the surface issue (sore knuckles) might have an underlying cause that the blame is misplaced. Calling BS was a joke. By your response, a poorly received one. Again, I apologize.

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Know where I am coming from?
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