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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Originally Posted by KillSomething View Post
I believe him.

You could have hurt your knuckles doing anything. Even wrapping your hands incorrectly. Once they're hurt, no glove that I know of will protect you enough to let them heal.
I believe him, but my only issue is that it seems "knuckle protection" (the glove) may not be the source of his issue. I didn't mean to discount his pain just the source of it.

I have personally known great guys who wrap their hands incorrectly for MONTHS/YEARS and bang relentlessly... slowly causing knuckle issues. Then, like you mentioned, their knuckles are jacked and they complain of pain. Then they glove hop hoping to get "better" gloves, but again like you said, no glove can help them because the issue is now the knuckle itself. Knuckles are like bunions, they are VERY slow to heal and even then never really heal back to 100%.

The pain persists and recurs to the point where they give up Boxing because nobody wants to pay double a fitness club membership for a funky gym with fewer weights, treadmills, AND they can't bang. If only someone had asked questions instead of just suggesting glove brands? It might have turned out differently. It is a messed up situation.
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