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Default Re: Need new bag gloves, suggestions?

Ok well I have better things to do than have us keep going back and forth with dissecting these posts, but any apology is completely accepted, no big deal, I'm over it. Apparently there was just a big mis-understanding because I was not blaming the gloves as the source for my soreness. You're saying I already have the gold standard for knuckle protection...great, that's all you had to say. I have knuckles that are easily hurt due to stupid situations when I was younger, so my "even with IMF tech" comment was me [indirectly] pointing out that my knuckles are fragile and get sore even with gloves that are known to be good for protection; not blaming the gloves. This really was irrelevant information either way though since my point was just to find out IF there were better knuckle-protecting gloves out there (whether my knuckles are easily hurt or not). Just as in your Lambo example, if someone said it doesn't have the speed they're looking for and asked for other car suggestions, I wouldn't ask how long they've been driving, say they're crazy or run a diagnostics, I'd just say check out a Ferrari or Bugatti or something. But obviously I see where you're coming from now. Where I was just asking if there are better knuckle-protecting gloves, you were more trying to look for sources to my soreness, which is understandable. Obviously like I said it just came off condescending which annoyed me, but again I'm over it, no hard feelings.

If anything this was good to argue over because now I know my best bet is just buying a new pair of the same gloves again lol.
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