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Default Re: Bowe - Golota: Who would have won the two fights if the Pole wasn't a dumbass?

Originally Posted by JETSKI
Absolutely correct. Golota's attitude is if you foul me, I'll foul you back. He feels that the ref will ignore his opponents infractions, but get on AG's case for his. Watch after the first KD in the 2nd fight. When Golota has him up against the ropes & they're close, Bowe seems to try a minor headbutt & AG comes back with his own, IMMEDIATELY! Cotton stopped the action right then & there to warn Golota.

Water under the bridge...

Gotta disagree with ya on this Jets. In nearly all of Golota's most notorious fouls (Pouha bite, Nicholson headbutt, Bowe low-blows, Bowe headbutt), his opponent did nothing to warrant any kind of retaliation. Maybe in Golota's MIND his opponents were "cheating", but reality proves other wise. For example, in the second round of Bowe-Golota 2, Golota was pummeling Bowe against the ropes and in all the chaos their heads slightly came together, and maybe Golota THOUGHT Bowe did it on purpose so he intentionally headbutt him. Golota is, or was IMO just a very dirty street fighter who brought his dirty tactics into the ring when things got tough, OR for no reason at all.

This was the young and wild, much more aggressive version of Golota. Now he's much more clean and mature. Although I'm sure he still has a few screws loose.
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