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Default Re: Jon Jones is a Hero again!!!

Originally Posted by chimba View Post
He's well spoken and humble and is the most dynamic MMA fighter in the world. You're a Floyd fan, you shouldnt be asking this.

ok, i admit, in and out of the ring, they are pretty much opposites, but i admire floyd's "boxing"...i have said 1000 times he is an ass out of the ring

as far as "dynamic" i tend to lean towards purity, like floyd is a pure boxer, and maia is a pure bjj practitioner...but i feel MMA has evolved over the decade, and jones is MMA...striking, grappling, speed, power, and being creative with your attacks (mixing things up), so in a way, he is a purist (i know its a bit backwards, but my point is, he is actually using MMA in MMA, not relying on one specialty, like many do)
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