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Default Re: Danny Green Muay Thai fight - rare footage

LMAO , is that why so many kickboxers make the successful transition to boxing and go on to become awsome boxers?

Grappling doesnt help your boxing game what so ever. Your better off doing core strength work if strength is what your after, theres no grappling nor wrestling in boxing. Look at a kickboxer like Ben Burrage, he is hopless at boxing and looks VERY weak, why is it his kickboxing in japan and such hasnt made him strong like Danny Green?

And Danny would have been in his 20s at the time of that fight. Unless Danny keept getting taller and his organs keept growing theres no reason why anyone can say he is a legit LHW and have people belive it unless they are on the end of Dannys n0b. You can clearly see he made lightmiddleweight at 20, that would be the lightest weight he can be, yet he fought at Super Middle and still complained about loosing to much weight? Claiming LHW is his natrual divison but even then the guy cant fight at LHW cause he gets ass handed to him so he makes up Dannyweight CW.

A lightweight thats turned into a CW? Reminds me of a James Toney
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