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Default Re: Jon Jones is a Hero again!!!

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
What exactly did he say? From what I'm reading he said that he trained with Rashad, and even though he could have, he never finished him in practice because he respected him as the more experienced student.

I honestly don't see a problem with that. And I can't see how you can see a problem with that.

It's not disrespectful in the slightest. He didn't say "I smashed him up and down the mat like the little girl he is", nor did he say "I bent him over and made him my *****" or something to that effect. They have trained together, in interviews they're very obviously going to be asked questions about their time training together, and he has to say something.

As fighters go, there aren't many out there as humble and respectful as Jones, given his talent and what he's done so far.
Dude, the way he said it, is the most humilating for any fighter. He has really humilated Rashad there, at the same time wearing the mask of respectfulness. He has basically said: "I was beating the **** out of him but since I am such a good guy I have never let him know that".

There is a certain code of honor: what happend in the gym stays in the gym. You don't go public with that sort of things.
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