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Default Re: Jon Jones is a Hero again!!!

Originally Posted by WiDDoW_MaKeR View Post
Why do you give a ****? It has nothing to do with what Jones did, and doesn't effect you in any way. Why is it your mission in life to put a negative spin on everything that has any possible relation to the UFC or Dana White? I don't see how doing this has any positive effect on your life, and it sure as hell doesn't have a negative effect on the UFC or Dana White. So, why not drop all of the bull**** and just enjoy MMA?
I can ask you that same question stupid. As Cus D'mato said once to Tyson: "There's wolves out there disguised in sheeps clothing. You're not sophisticated enough to decipher between the two".

You buy without any question all the bull**** that comes off the UFC's hype train and yet you want to call me out as though your some model of objectivity?
Get back in your box you clown. Or better yet find some more room in Mark Coleman's jock.
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