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Default Re: Jon Jones is a Hero again!!!

Originally Posted by smbsmd View Post
Dude, the way he said it, is the most humilating for any fighter. He has really humilated Rashad there, at the same time wearing the mask of respectfulness. He has basically said: "I was beating the **** out of him but since I am such a good guy I have never let him know that".
That's not what he said at all. He said "I never did it out of respect that he was the elder of the school. Itís against protocol in a way"
Now, I don't know how Greg Jackson runs his school, but I know a number of very traditional schools that are huge on rank and seniority. If there's a senior member on the mat, he sets the pace.

I don't know if you've ever trained in BJJ or submission grappling, but when you get into the flow you don't look for finishes, you set your submissions up, take them when the opportunity presents itself, you often leave windows for you partner to escape in order to set up your next submission or sweep or whatevs.

Depending on the pace of the session you might never actually tap or be tapped, you just cruise through. What I'm imagining Jones talking about is Rashad setting the pace and taking finishes during a roll or finishing a takedown or whatever, while Jones is saying that he never really took the opportunity to finish when he saw it, because Rashad was the senior one present, and as such, he was the one setting the pace.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Now, I might be totally wrong, but if Jones wanted to humiliate Rashad I'm sure he could find a better way than saying "I respected his seniority too much to ever finish him in training"

There is a certain code of honor: what happend in the gym stays in the gym. You don't go public with that sort of things.
And like I said, they've trained together and now they'll be fighting, so naturally people are going to ask them these kind of questions.
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