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Originally Posted by Mr Butt View Post
calzaghe does not get that much love from me he was a fighter that is not covered in glory from the quality of those he fought for most of his tittle reign
I'd agree Ottkes comp all in all was better up until the point cal unified titles and went over to the states, at which stage ottkes career already was over, it has to be said.

calzaghe used to be a great pressure fighter with lightning fast hands and high wokrate imo, then add to that a good chin, he was a good fighter in my book, but as I said in the other post, brit boxing fans - and imo more so than any other boxing fans i know nor can speak of - tend to glorify their home fighters for the simple fact they re british, whilst a certain degree of partizanship has to be viewed as normal and acceptable, if it becomes too biased and twisted though its difficult to maintain a normal discussion about matters. In the time prior to Ottke retiring he without any doubt was the man to beat at 168 and Cal only the second man of the division, the fight never happened to prove once and for all who was better, which is why some Brit fans try to belittle Ottke, his comp and his career, imo.

Im German and so is ottke but i never liked his style that notwithstanding I can acknowledge he was a very technically gifted pugilist.
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