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Default Re: Who should Royce Gracie fight in his UFC comeback ??

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Matt Serra if think would be ok. But would he fight a Gracie?
Na Serra would never fight Royce just way too much respect. Renzo is Serra's mentor and he would never betray him like that. I train underneath a Renzo Blackbelt and im always hearing how much the Gracie family looks down on those who train with a Gracie then decide to fight a family member.

I have a DVD its documentary on Renzo and it talks alot about when he was fighting BJ. Everyone was disgusted that BJ would take that fight after training many years with Ralph Gracie.

My vote for a fight would be for Royce to fight a guy like Nate Quarry. A well known fighter but someone who Royce would have a strong chance to choke out and go out with a win in Rio.
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