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Default Re: Danny Green Muay Thai fight - rare footage

Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
was beaten in the olympics because he had a broken hand , he actually dropped the eventual gold medallist if you havent seen the fight, and the fight was stopped as a result of him being unable to punch with his right hand rendering it ineffective. so your basing kickboxing ability on one fight? ive seen one of your fights and your a terrible boxer , no wonder you didnt go pro . and how is this extremely rare footage? its been on youtube for the past few years, im not sure if you realise how much of an imbecile you make yourself look to be by digging up these pointless threads , trying to discredit people who have achieved so much more than you

Yes he droped the russian in the 1st round, however what you failed to mention in telling us all about Dannys Broken Hand is that the Russian broke Dannys nose. When a nose is broken the flow of blood is near impossible to control under the guidelines of ABA rules. If the blood can not be stoped the fight is stoped and the other guy wins. As for digging sht up, i cant see anywhere else on ESB in which this footage has been posted nor spoken about.
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