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Default Re: Danny Green Muay Thai fight - rare footage

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Yes he droped the russian in the 1st round, however what you failed to mention in telling us all about Dannys Broken Hand is that the Russian broke Dannys nose. When a nose is broken the flow of blood is near impossible to control under the guidelines of ABA rules. If the blood can not be stoped the fight is stoped and the other guy wins. As for digging sht up, i cant see anywhere else on ESB in which this footage has been posted nor spoken about.
yes he broke his nose, after danny broke his hand and was unable to properly defend with his right hand, and the fight wasnt stopped due to the broken nose, it was stopped due to a points lead. i meant that your digging this footage up from about 20 years ago, which is irrelevant to any type of subject matter related to green, if you wanted to bring up early footage why dont you show his fights against paul smallman or jason delisle for example, as they are more relevant to a boxing forum
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