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Default Re: Thiago Alves and Miguel Torres , on the pre lims @UFC 130 ??!!

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
Did you actually watch that fight? Have you compared it to performances before and since?

He looked ****ing terrible, and him "coming back" in the third round was him basically throwing with reckless abandon because he knew it was his last shot.

I'm not talking ****, or taking anything away from him, it was plainly obvious that his body was destroyed for the weight cut and he still gave it everything he had.

How you could possibly say that was a good performance from him is just beyond me.
Ive seen every one of Thiago Alves's fights in the UFC , please tell me where i said it was a good preformance !!! i simply argued the point with you that he did not " look like **** " , because he didnt

You cannot use weight drain as an excuse in this instance , if this had been a shadow of the previous Thiago Alves's we have seen i would of agree'd with you , but it wasnt , it was Fitch and Alves going about there business as they would normally , what exactly was missing from Thiago's game that has been there in the past bearing in mind his opponent ??!!

To say that Thaigo looked " ****ing terrible " in a fight that was one sided on the score cards but in actual fact was a too and frow tactical battle is a huge compliment to Alves , because if indeed he did look like **** as you say , he gave Jon Fitch all he could handle for the 3 rounds , yes Fitch won the fight clearly IMO but that for me was down to Fitch's skill set , not Thiago being weight drained .
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