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Default Re: Thiago Alves and Miguel Torres , on the pre lims @UFC 130 ??!!

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Baffled why people are getting so worked up about this, its completely irrelevant as long as the fights get televised live. Indeed Alves and Torres will both get greater exposure thanks to this.

And winthefella I have no idea what Alves-Fitch II you were watching - Alves was clearly drained as ****ed and could offer nothing in response to Fitch's limited game.
Fitch's limited game

Is this the drivvel that is being posted on this forum nowadays !!!! , Fitch is clearly the #2 WW in the world and in some people's eyes a P4P entry and he's limited !!!!

Maybe a little one dimensional , but limited GFOH

Edit ; i feel the UFC are showing fighters like Torres and Alves a distinct lack of respect by having them this low on the card bearing in mind the quality or lack of on the PPV card .
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