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Default Re: Thiago Alves and Miguel Torres , on the pre lims @UFC 130 ??!!

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Er if he's one dimensional then his game is limited. And yes he is (lower end) P4P material and up there the welterweight rankings but it doesn't change the fact that all he can do is take you down and slap you from half-guard. He has no offensive grappling skills, no real ground and pound, and absolutely no stand-up. Therefore he is limited, although great at the two things he can do.

And again what on earth are you talking about lack of respect. This is better for their careers. They get more exposure to win over a fanbase and I'm sure it'll make it easier to get sponsors.
Ultimatley i can say i disagree with all your points about Ficth being limited , limited is not the choice word i would use for a fighter as effective as Jon Fitch at doing what he does best .

As for Fitch's stand up i truly beleive Fitch's stand up is the most underated in the UFC's WW division ;


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