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Default Re: Will Cotto finish his career with a better resume then Mayweather?

Originally Posted by BigReg
I'll be hard. Floyd is a 5 division champ and did it under 10 years. Cotto clearly won't do this(he would have to win a smw title to be a 5 division champ). Also, Cotto is almost 27, has only 2 paper titles to his name, and his best win was against a guy that Floyd dusted off a year earlier. By the Time Floyd was 27 he had won 2 legit titles, and had beaten Castillo twice, Corrales, Jesus Chavez, and Carlos and Genaro Hernandez. Here is where Cotto has chance though. Since turning 27 Floyd's only good wins were against Judah and De La Hoya. The WW division is loaded right now and Cotto has the chance to add some good names to his resume. Furthermore, it's possible for Cotto to win a title at 154. Being a 3 division champ and beating say.. Margarito, Clotty,Mosely, and Berto(in a year or two when he's ready), and 1 or 2 top tier JMW could put Cotto past Mayweather.
that's not being harsh. that's telling it like it is. and I'm a rican in pr btw. but I don't see cotto winning belts above 154. to short. but cotto can surely do a lot in 147, and I mean a lot. I think he can even beat pbf at 147 but that would not mean he was the better fighter when their careers are over, just that he was bigger and stroger. but who knows, it all depends how he beats him.

btw great ****ing post. and sory no caps, typing from my cel phone.
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