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Default Re: fine im stating it lennox lewis is top 5 heavywieght of all time

Originally Posted by Novirasputin
Yea its kind of easy to beat every man you faced when you fight the likes of Rahman and washed up Tyson (who even Danny williams and KEVIN ****IN McBride can beat).

The reason Lewis is behind the likes of Holyfield, Holmes, and Foreman is precisely because he beat every man he ever faced since most of the guys he beat sucked and could have been defeated by many other fighters.


Grant? Sure not his fault and all but the guy had a glass jaw and went nowhere.
dont get touchy with me madam.

tyson was beating williams actually beating him till his knee gave way and even then how many times was tyson hit on the way down 7 times or somthing from big puncher... just unlucky not becuase of a bd performance and he just starched etienne befor ehand in one round.

and whats wrong with rahman damn good fighter if i remember went to war with tua and lost in a very noble manner was totally giving a boxing lesson to maskaev until oleg stunned him. all he had was a weak chin and a stout body it was his right hand his jab his solid fighting ability. still fighting and won a champiosnhip belt again fought and got a draw with toney.
not a bad fighter.

golota was tipped to be the next heavwieght champ you saw what he did to bowe. always rose to the top was a good fighter aswell and being knocked the **** out in less than a minute.

and grant was purely hype but so what he had just a big enough punch to knock guys out have the size and reach to win. he had a glass jaw but only one man exposed it
(andrez galota incedentaly)
grant would of been ducked by any other champion becuase of his size and record. look at valuev he was a scary looking man 7' and had a huge record people were scared of him. chagaev showed that he was technically adept

and you chose all the worse fighter on his resume why dont you pick some better from his record ,yea? cool
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