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Default I don't care what the Joy Boys believe but Joy...

...Joy fought like a fruit.

And don't give me that he's moved up in weight and has to change startegy because it hasn't stopped DLH from fighting like a man as he has moved up. And don't bring the last two rounds of the Trinidad fight because DLH threw more combinations in that fight than Mayweather has thrown in his last 3 fights!

We paid top dollar to see a fight not to see Joy dance like a ballerina.

The way PBF fights is pathetic. He makes defensive fighting look horrible. Sweet Pea is right when he says that PBF can carry his bags, atleast (for the exception of the DLH fight) Pernell fought back.

The way PBF fought DLH is wrose than the way Stinks fights everyone. Heck atleast when Stinks fights he bruises his opponents and kocks them down sometimes.

PBF has been living off his fight against shot Gatti for too long. They year is 2007 and he hasn't done anything spectacular since beating Corrales.

Cotto nearly Killed Judah. PBF nearly lost to Judah.
Hatton destroyed Castillo. PBF lost to Castillo.

PBF was missing so many shots against DLH even though DLH was standing clear infront of him.

Joy has proven that the ONLY way he can beat game opponents is the same way Roy Jones beat Tarver and the same way Stinks (Supposedly) beat Mayorga and that's by throwing one damn boring punch at a freakin time.

It's time to prove he can be and fight like a warrior even at the higher weights like DLH, PAC, Trinidad, Cotto, Margarito, and many others who have moved up and still fought like Warriors rather than Pansy runners.

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