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Default Re: Top MMA fighter outboxed by 18 y.o Kid

Originally Posted by Caestus View Post
His major problem is his defense, he hasnt very good head movement, and his footwork is very lineary at this point.He is and unidimensional boxer, not very good with uppercuts, and body work combinations, and his hooks are arm punches with no power, and he is to slow.To beat him I think you must do a lot of lateral steps and pivoting, and throw overhand rights to contrarrest his jab and heigh.In close, a lot of body punching.
I agree with your assessment on how to defeat Diaz, for the most part. As far as how well Diaz performs as a boxer, it is important to remember the context. Diaz has good boxing for MMA. That does not mean he is ready to box with the best boxers in the world.

Let's use Track and Field for a comparison. Obviously, elite decathlon athletes are elite athletes. There is no disputing that. The 100 meter sprint is a part of the decathlon. While most decathletes, ok all, can outrun me in the 100; that doesn't mean they stand a chance against Usain Bolt. For those of you that don't know, Bolt is the fastest man ever at short distance. Elite sprinters make more than elete decathletes. Elite boxers make more than elite mma fighters. That does not mean elite sprinters can defeat elite decathlon athletes in a decathlon.
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