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Default Re: the scoring system.

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
I liked someone from Sherdogs idea about awarding percentages of each round.
Like Rampage-Machida would be scored, round 1: 55% Rampage, 45% Machida, round 2: 60% Rampage, 40% Machida, and round 3 25% Rampage, 75% Machida, so you'd get a score of like 160-140 for Machida. It more accurately reflects the % of control or dominance a fighter has in a given round. I quite liked that idea, better than the half points.

It still won't stop incompetent judges, though.
thats interesting.
i also think the rounds are too short at 5 minutes each.
It should be 2 eights and a ten IMO
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