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Default Re: Who should Royce Gracie fight in his UFC comeback ??

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
No. They're not. They've been put in featured matches on Strikeforce cards and in the case of Walker clearly positioned as the 'real' main event or co-main event.

And Lesnar proved he was elite competition by the way he manhandled Mir and then defeated Herring, Mir, Couture and Carwin. The whole point White made was that if you come to the UFC you have to face the best and they'd be no hiding from real competition. And the Coleman stuff is revisionist history - Coleman came out of retirement and put in a good losing effort to Shogun, defeated Bonnar (in a prelim bout mind you) and then lost meekly to Couture. When it became clear that he wasn't performing to the necessary standard they cut him - so proving that they were about featuring top draw talent.

The UFC employs 250 fighters - they can't all be the best in the world, there's obviously going to be a range in quality. What seperates them from how the likes of EliteXC and Strikeforce operated is that they don't hide their superstars. Kimbo came to the UFC he was put in TUF and positioned as the rookie he was. Lesnar came in and was put in tough matches. Etc, Etc
Lesnar was given an opportunity based on being a name not an elite fighter and he lost to Mir but one win against Herring and he gets the title shot not Mir. Brock vs Mir was co main event. Even after that loss he was co-main event first Herring.

Coleman got an opportunity based on what, being old and inactive.

I don't mind their inclusion in the roster but don't complain about Walker who is an old elite athlete who is a black belt in TKD and Lashley who is also a pro wrestler with amateur credentials.
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