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Default Re: Can Anderson Silva surpass fedor as the greatest ever?

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
So gimp, mutant and telling me to stick a point up my ass isn't name calling? Whatever dude.

Im sorry Will I like you and dont mean to be insulting.

but damnit Will I never called YOU a gimp! Why cant you see this?

dont take what I say personal, its not meant to be meanspirited, I thought you knew me better than that.

but I cannot agree with what you say fedor is still tops for me. If anderson keeps up his dominance or moves up to lhw and beats jones maybe he surpasses fedor maybe. I love anderson silva more than most on this forum but what fedor has accomplished is special.

same goes for gsp continues his dominace for a few more years then maybe.

Of course this all depends on if fedors career is over which I dont think it is, if it isnt and he returns to his former glory then no one is gonna surpass him.
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