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Default Re: Can Anderson Silva surpass fedor as the greatest ever?

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Heh so if I disagree with you I'm a gimp? Okay gotcha.
Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Ah yes...I suppose a gimp like me is unable to understand that when Fedor went for takedowns against Cro Cop and didn't get them that was part of a master strategy to stand with a striker. Silly me

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
So gimp, mutant and telling me to stick a point up my ass isn't name calling? Whatever dude.

I feel the need to explain myself mr Cooling.

I was trying to say that a scenario like this was the cause of your unexplainable views:

you finish sodomising your gimp, you then put him back in the closet, but forget to lock the closet door.

You then leave the house (perhaps you go running to release some more frustration) while you are gone it is that gimp who rudely posts on your computer, which is why the posts were unbecoming of a man of your intelligence.

You return to find the gimp free of his prison, beat him, then lock him back in the closet only to find yourself in a debate with Ne5ville14 and myself. You decide to play it off as if it were you who wrote those things (because your a leader, and taking responsibility for something that is even indirectly your fault is how you do things)

But the blame is not yours. Gimps should do as their told, when they do not bad things happen.

You see thats not calling you a gimp, is it?
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